The Vetiver Collection represents a timeless voice with the nostalgia of the Vetiver woman's favorite vintage pieces and her love for rock & roll music. 

In an age of fast fashion, The Vetiver Collection represents a timeless voice amidst expendable offerings. Versatile garments are open to reinterpretation, with each piece limited only by the imagination of the wearer. This is a collection that is not bound by the confines of age and season, but one that is worn today, loved tomorrow, and held forever. 

The Vetiver Collection’s creative director and fashion industry veteran, draws on inspiration from a childhood that flitted between the shores of Australia and America, before she spent many years working in New York. Now home in Southern California, she creates an every mood collection that speaks to the modern woman and her mixed personas. 

Like her namesake, the essence of this collection is found in the roots. Grounded and established, this is an enduring wardrobe for the fearless woman who is clothed in daring and alluring confidence. 


V I E W   C O L L E C T I O N S