Vetiver Resort 19 Collection


Grounding, sensual, and exotic are all used to describe our namesake when used in essential oil form. We are tapping into this feeling with our Resort collection. Imagine sensual satins in rich mocha, crisp leopard voile, vintage animal spots, and our signature stripes in linen. 

With a firm foundation in vintage and eschewing trend for feeling, we believe clothing is our medium. We do not believe linen is only for Spring or no white after Labor Day. Clothing is our medium. Everyone is an artist. As Madonna said, "Express yourself!"

We are young, we are old, we are millenials, we are new moms, we are VETIVER.

Fall, Spring, Holiday, Resort… call it what you want, but do not be defined by it. Just wear it because you love it.

Love, the Vetiver Team